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AROUND African ranches river camp

Spend your days in the shadows of the large trees and listen to their gentle whispers at night while sleeping under a star-studded sky far away from any city life.

African Ranches River Camp is situated on the banks of the second largest river in southern Africa, the majestic Limpopo River. The camp offers an ideal spot for a weekend getaway or an overnight stop en route to central or northern Botswana. 
The facility offers campsites with clean ablution facilities. The campsites have sweeping river views and the terrain is scattered with a large variety of indigenous trees!

Animal Life

 The area offers incredible bird life for the keen bird-watcher. Enjoy the sight of hippos frolicking in the water, as well as crocodiles lazing in the sun. We also have a small variety of plains game, i.e. Kudu, Cape Bushbuck, Waterbuck, Blue wildebeest, Impala etc...


Feel free to explore the area while hiking. Take a walk and visit the tracks of something that has been before. Breathe the African air.

Mountain Biking

There are various Jeep tracks available for the keen mountain biker. Some are suitable for the whole family. 

The Limpopo River forms a lengthy boundary between Botswana and South Africa and makes up the whole boundary between South Africa and Zimbabwe. There are 48 species of fish recorded up to date in the Limpopo River itself. This makes for some excellent fishing opportunities.

Wildlife Photography

Botswana has a pleasant climate and a very high density of wild animals. This makes it one of the world’s most pleasant places to be a wildlife photographer.

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